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Residential Solar Panel Supply and Installation



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Kresselec offer solar panel supply and solar installation within Adelaide and throughout South Australia. We offer both residential solar panel installations and commercial solar panel insallations.


If you are looking at installing solar panels to reduce your rising electricity bills, or are concerned about the environment, making the switch to solar energy is a smart choice. With energy costs set to rise, solar panels can be a very smart way to reduce your electricity bills. Your residential solar system or commercial solar system will be installed by Kresselec to the highest standards in such a way as to maximise the amount of electricity produced. Kresselec can also install battery storage, to complement your solar panel system.


Kresselec is able to help with providing information regarding current residential solar government incentives. Kresselec is a registered Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer.


Kresselec are dedicated to delivering premium, energy efficient electrical services, matched only by our quality customer service. Kresselec can provide a free solar panel quote to install your solar panel system. Marc can be contacted on 0418 816 979 or alternatively email Kresselec regarding your solar panel installation enquiry.


The residential solar product range that we have available are outlined below.


SMA Solar Inverter

SMA Solar Inverters

The ideal solution particularly for demanding PV arrays and partially shaded plants: As multi-string devices, the new transformerless Sunny Boy 3000TL, 4000TL and 5000TL models offer maximum planning and realization flexibility. The high DC voltage of 750 V proves to be a cost advantage, since fewer parallel strings are required. In addition, the integrated grid management functions make the devices suitable for universal applications and allow them to actively support the grid. The new wall mounting system further facilitates installation.

Fimer Single Phase Inverter

Solar single-phase string inverters between 2kW and 6kW focusing on residential and small commercial applications.


Fimer Three Phase Inverter

Solar three-phase string inverters of 5.8kW and above focusing on commercial applications.


Q CELLS Solar Modules

The new Q.PRO-G3 is the reliable evergreen for all applications. The third module generation from Q CELLS has been optimised across the board: improved output yield, higher operating reliability and durability, quicker installation and more intelligent design.


Soltaro are working on delivering a full range of high quality Solar components and hardware. Currently available are Polycrystalline Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, and Residential Storage Systems


Fronius inverters are efficient and reliable and form the indispensable heart of every photovoltaic system. Power categories ranging from 1.5 to 27.0 kW guarantee suitability for virtually any system size – from a family home to a large-scale system.


For further informaion regarding how a solar panel installation can be of benefit to your home or your business, Marc can be contacted to discuss your requirement on 0418 816 979 or alternatively email Kresselec for a free quote regarding your Solar Panel  installation enquiry.



"We are a small family business, with a goal to provide our clients with high quality, energy efficient products which will assist in reducing power consumption, and ultimately ongoing costs."

Kresselec is a Registered Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer
Kresselec is a Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) Accredited Installer